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3 percent), putting him more than 3,000 votes behind fourth

Both phones ship with Android Nougat 7.1, and you will notice a few changes from previous version of the operating system. For one, there is a Google shortcut at the top of the screen (part of the new Pixel Launcher) that gives you quick access to Google Search with just one tap.

Some retailers say they’re offering discounts for large orders. Some customers are asking for gift wrapping. Let us now be honest. The results from the first scenario would run counter to the expectations of every parent, teacher, citizen and legislator.

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“Shadow Women: Homeless Women’s Survival Stories” (Sheed Ward, Kansas City, Kan., $9.95) documents stories of homeless women who survive, for the most part unnoticed, in urban and suburban surroundings. Ms. Graham Martin, Avegant product manager and company employee number two, guided me through the setup. I had to place the headset over my ears and block my eyes with the headband, which rested on the bridge of my nose.

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The Penn scientists run the autonomous driving software, called Computer Aided Design for Safe Autonomous Vehicles, through both mathematical diagnostics and the virtual reality test drives on Grand Theft Auto to see when the system fails. The video game is particularly useful because the autonomous driving system can be rigged to perceive it similarly to reality and because the virtual environment can be perfectly controlled by scientists..

There, in a closed room as her mother waited on a hallway bench outside, Ms. Williams told a panel of five student judges the story of how on her first visit to campus, late one night the previous fall, she had gotten drunk and been raped in a dormitory room.The three fraternity men she had come to accuse denied it.

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