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Good guy soviet Russia


That explains why Americans are so smart now

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Pluto area / Russia


The other thing they have in common is that Russia is not a real planet either

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Efficient truck towing service


That’s how they do it in Russia

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Half a police car


In Russia, half a car is enough to catch bad guys

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Funny mustache costume


In Soviet Russia, impersonating a man with a mustache is a serious offense

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Dancing in your car?


In Soviet Russia, dancing is a felony

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Stalin was not a Transformer


No matter what Michael Bay wants you to believe.

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Scaffolding in soviet Russia


If they are going to fall down, no one is going to believe how it happened.

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Russian gingerbread house


In Soviet Russia, they make gingerhouse bread.

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Hot girl fan


In Soviet Russia, women are not fat like in the US.

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Soviet Russia Classroom


The hard part was sitting on the ruler.

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