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Mathematical-Philosophical Universe

The tattoo is a philosophical and mathematical metaphor of a map of the universe itself. The circumference is considered the perfect geometric figure, symbolizing the space, the universe. Pi, a cornerstone in human knowledge, is also too mystical. It is the reason, knowledge and human progress. Currently we do not know its full value (might be infinite) and there is even speculation that even its value is the curvature of the universe. On the other side we see the Fibonacci sequence, found throughout the universe in ways as small as DNA or as large as galaxies. It symbolizes life. The part in “black” which merges with the universe, is our physical life, while the spiral is the spiritual part. Finally, and in between, we find the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which is simply, and forgive the repetition, the same uncertainty of living.

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Cute Mermaid


This is what happens when fictional universes collide

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The Universe wigglegram


That explains earthquakes

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Portal problems


And that’s how you create a new universe

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Super Mario Darth Vader


This is what happens when universes collide

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Black hole plug


The real question is… how to get a plug that huge into space?

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