5 Fashion trends that need to stop already

5 Fashion trends that need to stop already

Fashion is a constantly shifting landscape – blink, and suddenly, your look is so last second. That said, some of today’s most popular trends make us blurt out ‘nooooooooo!’ instinctively. Honestly, we’re shocked they even got traction.

Just because someone in Cosmopolitan or GQ rocks a style doesn’t necessarily mean anyone else should. In that spirit, let’s talk about fashion trends which need to die a swift death in 2018…

Extremely worn out jeans


There’s nothing more rebellious than wearing a pair of jeans which has sprouted a hole or two. It flies in the face of propriety (we can just hear your Mom nagging you to throw them out and get a new pair), and it mimics the look numerous anti-establishment types have sported over the years.

But guys – there comes a point where jeans cross over from ‘distressed but still wearable’ to ‘good grief, are you are hard up for money or something?’

You don’t look edgy or hip – you look like you are on the verge of slipping through the cracks of society. Seriously, get thee to a consignment shop and get something that doesn’t look like it will fall apart the first time you put through it in the wash.

Blinged out nails

Our nails are yet another way to distinguish ourselves from all the other girls out there. They are a symbol of who we are. Having said that, we gotta say something – the latest trends in nail fashion have us wondering if this is the type of arms race you want to take part in.

These days, some of us aren’t satisfied until every square inch of our cuticles is covered in fake rhinestones. Here’s the kicker, though – it’s not sexy or even great looking. To be honest, it’s actually rather tacky. Make 2018 the year you bring back blingless ruby red, hot pink, or even jet black nails. Simplicity is power!

Fitbit bracelets

Before you get your back up over this, know we’re not knocking those who are trying to get healthy. After all, entirely too many of us are overweight in America these days. However, there are some who wear the Fitbit and other generic health trackers simply because they are trendy – it’s less about tracking metrics and more about putting up a front.

It’s like, ‘Hai, look at me, I’m healthy because I wear a Fitbit’ instead of ‘I’m wearing this to track my progress from week to week so I can meet my fitness goals’.

If you have one, wear it for the right reasons.

Clothes that hug the body

Skin tight body suits, when worn by the right person, can be a very alluring (if risque) outfit to have in your wardrobe. At the risk of sounding shallow, though, it is not a look those with an average (or worse) physique should be rocking in public. We’re not saying this to be cruel, we’re doing it out of love. Spandex outfits highlight every feature you have, including the unflattering ones. Trust us: if you are uncomfortable with your body as it is right now, wearing these types of clothes definitely won’t help.

Man Buns

Ahhhhhh! If there is any fashion trend which actually infuriates us these days, it is the man bun. Nothing does a better job exemplifying what is wrong with hipster culture than this greasy knot of nastiness. Before you go full SJW on us, breathe – if you’re into the look, go for it. But if you are looking to project a masculine image, coiling your locks up into a hairdo associated with us girls won’t get the job done.

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