5 Tips For An RV Vacation On A Budget

5 Tips For An RV Vacation On A Budget

When people thing of taking an RV trip they often envision vast amounts of money being spent. First there is the cost of an RV rental, then campsite costs, then food and supplies. For this reason, many would-be travelers assume that an RV trip will be out of their budget and don’t even bother looking into it. The fact of the matter is that an RV trip can be completed without having to fork out lots of money. All you need to do is cut back on some basic expenses, create a budget and stick to it, and put into place some preventative measures to avoid overspending on the road. As long as you follow these basic tips you should be able to hit the road for a fun RV trip without breaking the bank in the process.

Create A Concrete Budget

The first thing to do is to sit down and determine the exact amount that you can comfortably spend on your trip in order to not put yourself in financial jeopardy. Once you have determined the amount, set this as your official concrete budget for your journey. This way you should not have to worry about money at all during the trip since you will do everything in your power to stay well within your budget. If the main stressful thing about traveling on a budget is money, then you can bypass this by having a definitive budget firmly in place.

Bring Your Own Food

The number one thing that causes travelers to run over their budgets is food. Stopping to purchase food along the road, from fast food to eat-in restaurants to grocery stores, is incredibly expensive and will test the budgets of travelers no matter what type of number they are working with. For this reason it is highly advised that you stock up on food items before hitting the road. If your RV does not have a freezer, then take along an ice box and stock up on dinner items before you go. Although this will mean having to shell out money up front when stocking up for your trip, it will pay off in the long run since you will be avoiding all those expensive stops for food along the way. Of course you can always treat yourself to a nice meal now and again as long as you’re within budget, but as long as you have food packed you won’t be going over budget just be staying fed.

Bring Your Own Equipment

Of course space is always going to be an issue when packing up an RV rental for a trip. But you will definitely want to sacrifice some space by packing along all of the equipment you need for any outdoor activities you have planned along the way. Renting equipment is expensive and will eat into your budget considerably. So if you plan on stopping off for a ski stay along the way, bring your gear along so you won’t have to fork out on rental equipment. The same goes for rafting, climbing, or any other activity that requires equipment. Once you’ve eliminated this aspect, you will have a lot more budget to play with on your trip since you will be ducking rental costs.

Do Your Campsite Research

It is a known fact that some campsites are expensive and come with a number of add-on service fees. What many campers don’t realize is that for every expensive site there are dozens of sites that are less expensive and offer fine accommodations. No matter which region you plan on visiting, when you research local sites make sure to dig deeper than just the most popular sites in the area. You will be sure to come across a number of sites that are far more affordable than the go-to sites in the area and offer the same types of amenities. Sure, they may be a little further away from the action and might not offer the same scale of amenities as the more expensive sites, but many of these sites are just as comfortable and well located as the top names in the area. So do your research, read the reviews, and find yourself a well-reviewed site that is cheaper than the others.

Traveling on a budget doesn’t need to be stressful. All you need to do is figure out exactly how much you can spend, pack up all the gear and food you will need to stay well fed and entertained throughout your journey, and make sure you find affordable campsites along the way to park your RV rental and enjoy a comfortable stay that doesn’t break your budget. You can have an enjoyable trip and experience everything you wanted on even the tightest of budgets.

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