7 reasons why Venmo is the best app ever invented

7 reasons why Venmo is the best app ever invented

The single essential thing I needed to get when I moved to the US? Besides a bank account and a cell phone contract?


Everyone uses it and if you’re not using it, well I’m not sure how you’re going to pay anyone. Venmo has made it so easy for people to split expenses for things and the fun “social network” aspect to it makes it easy to see what your friends are up to.

But there are other reasons that make Venmo totally awesome:

You can make your ex jealous…

No longer do you have to post pictures of yourself looking hot on Instagram, just do super cool things and pay people for it. It’s more subtle than posting an image of yourself  trying to look hot yet wholesome at the local farmer’s market, yet it’s highly effective.

…and see what your ex is doing

Looking through your ex’s feed you see that Sarah is now paying Bob “rent + bills”. I guess they moved in together then…

Venmo is now a verb

When asking someone to pay you for the round of drinks you bought: “Just Venmo me”. Yes Venmo is no longer just the name of an app but a verb for sending money.

The emojis

Venmo users have found genius ways to describe their activities in purely Emojis.

For example:

“Here’s the money for my ticket to the polo” is condensed down to:


The hilarious captions

Funny Venmo Captions

It’s pretty funny to see what people are paying people for on Venmo, besides food and alcohol. “Cleaning my dirty parts…?” The comments in the public feed will definitely keep you entertained for a few hours.

You can charge people

Someone owes you for a drink but they don’t remember? Charge them for it – they can’t hide behind the “I forgot” excuse any more.

It’s free

Of course the best thing about Venmo – and why everyone is using it – is because banks charge ridiculous amounts just to wire transfer from one bank to another. This was something completely alien to me before I moved to the US as in the UK, bank transfers are always free. But anyway, Venmo now makes it super easy to pay your friends back for booze, cigarettes and that questionable kebab you ordered last night.

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  • Dave
    June 4, 2018

    Love Venmo, use it for everything now. The news feed is pretty funny.

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