7 Things I Can’t Forget About Growing UP

7 Things I Can’t Forget About Growing UP

I don’t know about you, but I love me some old skool reminisncing. And me thinks everyone else does too. Netflix knew our love of all things 80s/90s growing up when it delighted us with the epic throwbackness from Stranger Things – a rag tag group of awkward kids taking on bad guides and condescending adults (Goonies anyone?). And Spielberg’s most recent entry –Ready Player One – screams at you for a love of the good old days. Thinking back on it, there are a lot of other things I miss from growing up and here are some things off the top of my head…what do you miss?


Nintendo is the bees knees baby. But let’s be real, it is Nintendo 64 that brought it home. Maybe you had to be from a certain age bracket to fully appreciate just how incredible this system was, but its boasted the best games. From the introduction of Ocarina of Time to shooting your best buddy in the face in Golden Eyes multi player, we hadn’t seen anything like it before. Sure, if I were to fire one up now and see all the “jaggies” and wonky pixels I might seem less than impressed, but if you take a step away from today’s Halo and remember it was more about sitting around with your buds and stepping into the future, well…this system was unforgettable.

Comic Books

Who could forget that smell? The smell of actual paper. Oh I do miss the good old days when books were…ahh books? I do recall many times of walking into comic book stores, not knowing where to begin. From the latest Spiderman comics to Wolverine to Ren and Stimpy, the love of the comic book stores and their customers shows. I could spend hours looking through the latest and greatest to looking for new comics from Mad Cave Studios fresh off the idea block.

Outdoor Games

From homer un derby to absolutely monstrous games of capture the flag that would go into your neighbors flower garden with an old man yelling at you in pursuit, playing outside with your friends with no limits was the best. There was very few rules, parent’s has a much more laissez-faire attitude with kids. There was no note or modern day esignature required to play. No liability waiver. It was the rules on the street and all you were required to do was be home by dark. Ahhh I miss this one.

Saved by the Bell

From Zach Morris “Timeouts” to AC Slaters classic flip around chair move, who could forget this after school must. Nowadays, Screech is the cool guy with all the money and the PC mob rules the roost apparently and is chasing down the AC’s of the world, but for a moment in time – Camelot did exist. I do love seeing Zach Morris wield that incredible mobile phone of his. Where can I buy one of these? Conversation starter.

Family Trips to Very Forgettable Destinations

Hey everyone I am going to Disneyland!! “Really?” Your friends retort. No, well I am going nearby, to Olympia Washington – home of the state capital. So close. My sister dropped that bombshell on me, but to be fair, I probably more than had it coming. My family trips were all very local and required a fairly large imagination. From pumpkin patches to crabbing down the street from grans house, none of these required any airfare. Come to think about it, that does sound pretty amazing right about now.

Catching my Big brother Smoking

There is nothing that bring back that good old nostalgia more than catching your older sibling in a compromising position. Sure, tons of kids nowadays are into vaping and buying online from places like Smokers Corner Online Smoke shop and whatever else that entails, but back in the day when cancer was cool, catching your big brother smoking gave you all the leverage you would need with mom or dad. Or if you were in to horse-trading up, you could leverage some cool hang out time with older folks who probably weren’t nearly as cool as you remember. Come to think of it better leave this memory in the closest and modernize with RGR Wholesale Canada for the good stuff.

Classic 90’s Style Movies

Who could forget Sleepless in Seattle huh? I could. But there is a je ne sais quoi about Rom Coms or any other film that had questionable morals or very conveniently wrapped up endings. I do miss them. Everything it seems nowadays is all about the CGI. Just ask George Lucas how that is going…

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