7 Ways to Jumpstart your Business in 2019

7 Ways to Jumpstart your Business in 2019

With January nearly coming to an end, the reality that 2019 is really upon us should be sinking in – and hopefully, New Year’s resolution extended beyond the gym and into your business life. Whether you are small business owner or working your way through the company ranks, keeping tabs on where you have been is a surefire way to make sure you will keep the journey where you want to go for 2019. With that in mind, let the self-reflection kick into gear and double check that you in fact got on the right path. Here are 7 things to consider for your business.

Data, Data, Data

If it wasn’t already widely apparent, all the big boys, from Amazon to Apple are big data focused – not just as technology companies but as a manner of being and operation. From the CEO down to the ground level employees are required to make data driven discussions, and so should you. So if you haven’t taken stock of where your business is coming, and where it needs to be, the numbers don’t lie. So dig deep on what data you do have and look to expand your data set for 2019.


Every company may not have the big budgets of Amazon or Apple, but neither did they at one point or another, that doesn’t mean that you can’t think and act creatively to get where you want to be. From partnering with other companies to repurposing what you have in house, looking for creative ways to leverage what you do have is the new buy now button.

Explore New Income Steams

Just as we want to explore the data to see where our financial windfalls are truly coming from, opening up new frontiers is how we are going to expand the pie. Whether you are a business owner or middle manager, coming forward with new ideas to create new income streams from nowhere, may be the biggest upside play you can make.

Cut the Fat

Not just the attitude to take to you waistline in 2019, trimming the fat and getting rid of the nonessential frees us up to focus on what we need to do. In business terms, not only does it allow for more focus, it also usually correlates to cost savings. So looking at our bootstrapping and data points, we should be able to slim down in 2019.

Get back to Education

Back to school never goes out of fashion and it shouldn’t be for your business in 2019. Whether you are sending employees on retreats to hone their sales skills to ramping up your biotech certification with ongoing education, keeping your team sharp and in the know will translate in the medium term and even longer-term success.

Go Paperless

Go paperless never felt so good, both for the environment but equally important on corporate balance sheets. You may get the feels from saving the planet, but you will be more blown away at the amount you will save that you can allocate elsewhere. Going paperless not only saves you money, but also the biggest currency du jour: time. For example, by employing an enotary solution you cut down on the time it takes for physical post to arrive and can get underway with your getting to work an instant. Win-Win.


While era of automation is upon us, it is more important than ever to keep personal relationships as sharp as they can be. Having your customer know you are on the ball and not cruising on auto pilot is essential; it need not be a big deal either, keeping a tight follow up or a gentle reminder that you still are the person that they hired for a reason. Lots of go getters have their own system for following up with important clients, whether that is to “never eat alone” during the lunch hour to giving one to three contacts a day in the good old rolodex a ring to see how their holidays went. There is no excuse not to keep it personal. Even the smallest personalized note in the mail can make the difference. So don’t forget to dot your I’s and cross those t’s.

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