A Carnivore’s Prized Skill – How to Cook the Perfect Steak

A Carnivore’s Prized Skill – How to Cook the Perfect Steak

Fillet, sirloin, rib-eye, rump, flank, feather and many other types, nothing is better than a juicy, tender steak dinner. Spending big bucks on buying such steak dinners is fine, but a true carnivore learns the skill of making their own. As they know their flavour palette the best, they relish in the fact of creating their own versions that are perfect for them.

If you enjoy meat to the point of it being your favourite meal, then you too should have steak cooking skills. But if you haven’t yet mastered the art of searing a steak worthy for the Gods, then don’t worry. Here we have some great tips that will help you learn how to cook steak and create steak greatness.

The Right Cut

To enjoy a perfectly cooked steak, you need to have the right type of steak meat and cut. Choosing the right piece of meat will essentially create the base of the dish’s umami and bring out its flavours. Choose a thick cut like porterhouse, T-bone, strip loin or a ribeye. These cuts are a combination of great flavour and softness available at affordable rates.

Besides the cut, look for meat that has a high grading in terms of quality, marbling and aging. Ask the butcher or check the packaging to see if the meat is raised especially for steak. It should be grass-fed and aged for the right amount of time. Check the piece of meat to see how intricately the fat in the tendons is marbled.

Before Cooking

The first step before cooking the steak is to take it out of the freezer at least an hour before and let it come up to room temperature. If you grill or fry a cold piece of meat, heat won’t penetrate to the middle and the steak will remain uncooked. The room temperature will allow the steak’s juices to flow and absorb, infusing more flavour and it faster.

Steak Rub

You can find a number of various steak rub packets in stores, filled with unnecessary spices that cover the natural flavour of the meat. You want the steak’s own flavour to be the centre of the dish. This is why many professional carnivores suggest just using kosher salt. Rub a liberal amount of salt on both sides of the steak before you cook it. It will bring out the beef’s own flavour without overwhelming it.

Cooking or Grilling

The one tip you will find on every chef’s list is to have your grill cranked up high when you begin searing the meat. This will help create a delicious crust on the outside as a result of the steak’s juices being caramelised from the heat. Flip the steak on the other side every minute or so for 5-6 minutes. Cook until your desired doneness i.e. medium, medium-rare, well-done etc.


Now that you have grilled the perfect steak with a soft centre and charred crust, it is time to serve it. Right after you take the steak off the grill, give it some to rest. Plate it away from the heat for around 5 minutes so the juices can redistribute and absorb into the meat.

After the beef has rested, all that remains is for you to slice it and serve. With a steak knife, cut against the grain at whatever thickness you desire and pair it with your favourite steak sauce and sides.

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