Best isles for a luxury vacation in the Caribbean

Best isles for a luxury vacation in the Caribbean

Need a break from the daily grind? The Caribbean has plenty of islands which offer the sort of luxury experience that will help you recharge your batteries. Below, we’ll talk about several places in this corner of the world which do the trick for us – check them out for yourself in the months ahead, and we’re confident you’ll agree.

Virgin Gorda (British Virgin Islands)

Looking for pristine beaches which haven’t been over-commercialized in the British Virgin Islands? Book your holiday in Virgin Gorda. Despite the unflattering Spanish name, its powdery white sand, granite rock formations (which remind us of the Seychelles), and its intimate size will capture your imagination. Year after year, return visitors set time aside to take amazing Virgin Gorda vacations – this alone should prove how special this tiny isle is.

While you will no doubt enjoy the time you’ll spend lazing by the pool of your well-appointed villa, make time to check out The Baths. This beach is famous for a series of granite rock outcroppings which form grottoes and tidal pools at certain points. However, be advised cruise ships visit this area during midday hours – as such, early in the morning and late in the afternoon are the best times to visit.


Cayman Islands

There is a reason the Cayman Islands have been frequented by the wealthy for generations – attractive offshore banking options are but a small one. With nearly flawless beaches running along its coast for miles, a barrier reef stacked with many attractive sights for divers and snorkelers, and plenty of fine restaurants offering the best local and international cuisine money can buy, it is an outstanding holiday destination for well-heeled guests.

Want to check out the coral reefs, but adverse to strapping on a mask and snorkel? A local tour company offers excursions in state of the art submersibles, allowing you to take in the wonders of the deep without having to swim amidst them.

If you do enjoy snorkelling, though, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Stingray City. A series of shallows where these amazing marine creatures congregate, hopping in the water here will allow you to see how gentle these misunderstood animals really are.

Saint Lucia

Favoured by the wealthy and famous for its scenery, lushness, and its golden beaches, Saint Lucia is an excellent choice for those looking to go on a luxury vacation in the Caribbean. Gros and Petit Piton, iconic twin mountains formed by this island’s volcanic past, will form the backdrop for your holiday, whether you are lounging on the beach or out exploring its attractions. Sulphur Springs is one of these that shouldn’t be missed. Billed as the world’s only drive-in volcano, the area is famous for steaming mud springs which bubble out of the ground at a scalding 170 degrees Celsius.

Further away from the main site, cooler springs (but still piping hot at 45 degrees Celsius) give guests the opportunity to have a therapeutic mud bath that will bake away all their aches, pains, and cares.


While it took a stiff blow on the chin during Hurricane Irma, Anguilla remains a solid luxury destination for travellers. Recovery efforts were completed quickly, making it a pleasant place to go on holiday as of the writing of this article.

Many of the best beaches are sequestered by resorts and villa complexes, so take a close look at the ones to which you’ll have exclusive access when booking a place. Otherwise, taking a boat tour around the island will allow you to lounge on beaches you wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to tread upon – these tours also offer the chance to snorkel amidst the prettiest reefs in Anguilla, so be sure to block off at least one day to do this during your stay.

Turks and Caicos

Situated at the tail end of the massive archipelago of the Bahamas but self-governing since 1973, the gorgeous Turks and Caicos islands had slipped under the radar for many years due to their tiny size. This made this underrated spot a popular getaway for the rich and famous, including the likes of Dick Clark, Bruce Willis, Jennifer Garner, and Eva Longoria, as they could come here and be relatively assured of privacy during their stay. With over 350 sunny days per year, you are virtually assured of having plentiful sunshine while you are there, but don’t spend your entire holiday in a sun lounger.

Offshore, the third largest reef system on Earth (only surpassed by Belize and Australia) offers incredible snorkelling and diving, salt ponds play host to a variety of waterfowl, and Thursday night’s fish fry in Providenciales will give you a chance to mix with residents and sample the local catch.

St Kitts and Nevis

Another long time haunt of independently wealthy folk, the islands of St Kitts and Nevis lack the buzz of their neighbours. This has made a fantastic place to go for those looking for peace and quiet while having access to a place filled with genuine people not jaded by the effects of mass tourism. Whether you choose to stay in historic plantation inns or a cozy cottage surrounded by abundant mango trees, you’ll find the slower pace of life here to be the antidote to the hectic life you lead at home.


Sticking its chest out proudly into the infinity of the Atlantic Ocean, Barbados is a lively yet refined destination which has much to offer the luxury traveler. Luxury villas can be found everywhere on this green, sunny, and windswept isle, and hotels like the Sandy Lane lead the way when it comes to spoiling their guests. When you aren’t enjoying the calm waters of Carlisle Bay or the rugged but beautiful waves of Bottom Bay, head inland and check out tropical flowers and plants at Hunte’s Gardens, or see how the oldest rum in the world is made at the Mount Gay Distillery.

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