Best things to buy on Cyber Monday in 2018

Best things to buy on Cyber Monday in 2018

As much as we don’t want to acknowledge it, the holiday season is sneaking up on us, slowly but surely. Thankfully, so is Cyber Monday, a shopping day (or week) which saves online shoppers bundles of money every year.

If you have some extra cash lying around this time around, check out some of the best cyber week deals so you can get a sweet gift for a family member or bag an amazing deal for yourself.

1) Smart TVs

While more people have cut the cord than ever before, this hasn’t had any effect on the need for TVs. We don’t watch cable as much anymore, but we still use Netflix/Hulu/etc, stream internet content, and play video games on them.

As such, it makes sense to get as much television as you can afford on days like Cyber Monday when prices have been deeply slashed. If you are looking to go high-end, this is the time of year when you’ll want to spring for a Smart TV, as discounts of 15-30% are not uncommon.

Boasting internet connectivity (and with it, access to social media, YouTube, gaming, and streaming services like Netflix), it marries your set with the web, all without having to get tangled up with a bunch of cables.

Many new models also offer organic LED sets with 4K resolution – if your current set is even a few years old, this will give you a huge boost in image clarity.

2) Smartphones

Getting tired at looking at the hairline fracture in the glass of your current phone? Is the age of its hardware starting to impair its performance? This upcoming Cyber Monday is the perfect time to swap your old handset for a top of the line model.  

For instance, Amazon is offering unlocked versions of the iPhone SE for almost 40% off retail, while Samsung is offering up to $300 towards a Galaxy S8 if you have a phone eligible for their trade-in program.

Take a look around, as there are many ways to avoid paying full price for some fantastic phones!

3) Computer equipment

Sick and tired of lag that’s costing you matches in Counterstrike or Starcraft? With Cyber Monday just around the corner, PCs and supporting components will soon be at their lowest prices of the year.

Newegg is selling Intel Core Processors at 30% off, while new wireless band routers can be had for 40% less than their regular price. Want to game on the go? Pick up a new MSI gaming laptop for $649, which is 20% less than its normal cost.   

4) Small household appliances

Know someone who could use some new additions to their kitchen or living room? Amazon is offering 30% off a Black and Decker Air Fryer and 40% off its Alexa-powered Echo Dot. 

Walmart is selling cheap Keurig coffeemakers for $50, iRobot Roombas for more than 25% off, and Kitchenaid Automatic Mixers for almost half off.

With dozens of similar deals here and elsewhere, you’re bound to find something that will put a smile on the face of a friend or family member.  

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