Comparison Can Lead to Discontentment in Marriage. Here’s Why

Comparison Can Lead to Discontentment in Marriage. Here’s Why

“We fell out of love.” “It wasn’t working out anymore.” These phrases are very commonly heard outside divorce courts these days. Based on several studies and surveys in America, it is commonly claimed that about 40%-50% of marriages end up in divorce in the US. Although some of us might actually wonder what does growing out of love exactly mean, it is more about discontentment between partners that leads to the failure of a marriage.

Discontentment between partners can arise due to many issues, such as lack of trust, comparison with others and sexual dissatisfaction. Although sexual dissatisfaction is usually not cited aloud too often, relationship counselors state that it is one of the major reasons for couples getting divorced. According Men’s Health Digest, a site known for its comprehensive reviews of the world strongest male enhancement products, such as Zyrexin, products that help improve libido and quality of erections can help couples resolve their sexual discontentment.

Comparison Leads to Discontentment

Many of us fall into the trap of comparing our partner with either past lovers or others’ partners. We also have certain expectations that are built out of this comparison. Unfortunately, comparison usually leads to unrealistic expectations and can be very destructive for the person being compared as well as the relationship. Every couple has a unique relationship and life circumstances. By comparing, we are actually ignoring such uniqueness. What works for one couple, might not work for another.

Choose Your Emotions

Emotions have real power in our life; they can either make us or break us. Therefore, it is always recommended to harness this power, rather than have emotions control you. Love, attraction, lust, temptation are all emotions. And we have a definite choice every single time. If we choose to let the emotions of lust and temptation control us, we are bound to destroy our relationship. On the other hand, if we choose to believe in the strength of the love that exists in the relationship, we can fight negative emotions and get into a positive mindset.

Make Time for Intimacy

Many couples take sexual intimacy in their relationship for granted after getting married. This can be hazardous to the relationship. Intimacy not only brings couples closer physically but also mentally. Studies have clearly demonstrated that couples who have a high frequency of sexual intercourse tend to have a deeper relationship and level of satisfaction than those with a low sex frequency. One thing to remember is that sex drive and energy levels diminish with age, while everyday stress and certain health issues can lead to problems in being aroused or sustaining an erection. Zyrexin reviews state that this is where the world’s strongest male enhancement product can come to the rescue. However, always check the dosage, side effects and ingredients before making a final choice.

Both partners have to play an active part in restoring sexual intimacy and satisfaction. Communication also plays a key role in this, helping to resolve almost any issue in a relationship.

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