Easy ways to Improve Your Home’s Value

Easy ways to Improve Your Home’s Value

Let’s face it, your home is probably your biggest investment you have ever and will ever make, so why not maximize the value of your nest egg? Good call. There are a number of things one can do immediately to boost the value of their home with very little investment, and some with only just come elbow grease. Not only will you boost the value of your home, you get to rep the benefits of said home improvement but you know, by actually getting to live there and maybe a little more of a smile from that partner of yours for the love you have put into the house. So without further adieu, here are some fixes for your home that are a must.

Paint, paint and paint

I’ve said it three times like Betelgeuse because it is probably the easiest, most straightforward and low hanging fruit on the list. Any realtor will tell you that you can transform the value of a home and change the mood of any room with a splash of Benjamin Moore paint. You can change Dracula’s lair to baby Timothy’s on bathroom suite with a whisk of a brush stroke. Also, with only a few bucks more, you can take Benjamin Moore out for a real spin and tackle the outside of your home too so it doesn’t look like the Adam’s Family was living there.

Save the Popcorn for the movies

Yes, popcorn ceilings were very in vogue in the 1980s, as was letting your kids play outside supervisor free, but hey, it is a different time and Camelot is dead, so scrap off that moonscape and give your ceiling a clean shave.

Got a Light?

Lighting sets the mood and together with Barry White, can make all your dreams come true. Not only is lighting a great mood setter, it is similar to painting where it can change the entire atmosphere of a house, both inside and outside. Proper light maintenance along the way will save you cash, but will also give your casa a big boost for its market value.

The Yard

While the inside of your home may close the deal – if you are putting your home for sale on the open market anyway, – it is the outside that gets them to the front door. The old adage that you can’t judge a book by its cover is pure poppycock as they say in England, as if the outside is a mess, who would think the inside, would be any different? Right, so if there is smoke there is fire applies here, so put your best foot forward and do some mild, back breaking yard work and receive the ire of your fellow neighborhood husbands.

The Roof

Oh boy now we are getting into the big budget items. But let’s be real, a brand new, clean roof make a house look sharp and neat as can be. If you are not of budget for this one, solar roof or not just a plan old regular one, then a very proactive pressure wash can decimate that moss population you let grow.


Probably the biggest budget item you will find, but it is an eye popping difference. Not that people done appreciate your avocado colored relics from the Carter administration, but nothing says this house got loving care than some stainless steel subzeroes. So do yourself and your co-inhabitants a favor a spring for the good stuff.


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