How Much Will It Cost To Have A Hair Implant Done?

How Much Will It Cost To Have A Hair Implant Done?

Cost is one of the major factors involved in the decision to get a hair transplant. Most of these transplants aren’t covered by health insurance, because they are considered elective and cosmetic surgeries. However, some factors, such as the progress made in hair transplant techniques and technologies, have made them easier – and faster – to perform, thus lowering the overall price of the procedure. Here’s a breakdown of other costs involved, courtesy of the experts at Sure Hair International.

The Most Important Costs

These important costs are unavoidable, as they make up the most crucial parts of the procedures. They include the charge for having a licensed physician or dermatologist present when the procedure is taking place, as an expert needs to supervise and be ready to step in when needed. The surgeon who’s performing the transplant must be paid, too. Since many hair transplants take place in hospitals or outpatient surgical centers, they cost of the room is factored in, as well as a minimum of three trained surgical technicians or assistants. Then, there’s the cost of supplies, such as Petri dishes, micro motors, Choi pins, bandages, surgical sewing implements and more. Blood testing, both pre and post-op might be conducted, depending on the medications that the patient is on. This also is factored into the price.

The Type of Hair Transplant

There are two main types of hair transplants. The first requires a strip of hair to be surgically removed and then broken down into individual follicle sections. These separate follicles are then grafted to the scalp in thinning areas. The area where the scalp was removed is then sewn up and secured in order for it to blend in with the rest of your hair. No one will know that this sliver of scalp was removed.

In the second type, the surgeon removes individual follicles, leaving small circular marks in a section of your scalp. These follicles are grafted into place, much like they are in the first procedure. The only difference is that the recovery time is shorter and the procedure is slightly less invasive.

As you can imagine, each of these procedures costs a different amount. The factors here include the number of assistants involved, the number of follicles that are removed and grafted, and the surgical supplies needed.

Reputation Matters

Another important factor in the cost of a hair transplant is the reputation and experience levels of the surgeon. You should be wary of a transplant that is offered at an extremely low cost. Always choose to have this procedure done by an expert with a solid track record of success. While this means that you might pay more for it, you know that the results will be better. Those inexpensive clinics should be avoided, as they are most likely staffed by people who don’t really know what they’re doing.

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