How to live the road trip dream when you don’t own a car

How to live the road trip dream when you don’t own a car

As a life-long city dweller, you’ve never needed a car to get around, as bikes and transit have given you all the mobility required to live your life. However, this isn’t to say you’re against cars in principle – rather, you wish you could experience the excitement and freedom a road trip can provide.

If this is a desire of yours, here’s how you can make 2018 the year you finally tick this dream off your bucket list.

Get licensed

Many people who live car-free already have their driver’s license, as they learned how to pilot an automobile while they were living with their parents. However, those raised in car-free families (or those who never learned as a teenager) will have to go through a driver training academy.

You won’t be able to get in practice outside driving sessions with an instructor (unless you have a friend who has a car), so make the most of the classes where you are out on the road. Eventually, you’ll be eligible to take your driver’s examination – drive defensively (don’t break the speed limit), and you should have no problem getting the shiny card that will permit you to pilot a rental car any time you want to go somewhere the bus doesn’t.

Purchase auto insurance

When you go to rent a car for your road trip, be sure to get auto insurance for rental cars before driving one off the lot. At the counter, the agent will give you the option of purchasing insurance. Since these policies are often on the pricier side, some renters opt to forego coverage, despite the serious financial and legal risks to which they expose themselves by doing this. However, we do realize it feels like highway robbery to agree to the terms of some of these insurance packages.

Thankfully, there are options that are more fairly priced on the internet – review them and purchase a policy before heading to your car rental agency, and you won’t have to hand over too much of your hard-earned money for this essential piece of protection prior to your trip.

Buddy up with a car owner

Does the thought of piloting thousands of pounds of fiberglass and steel on crowded streets terrify you? You don’t have to learn how to drive a car to go on a road trip – you simply have to know someone who does. Figure out who in your social circle owns a car and approach them with your idea to go on a super epic road trip. With a bunch of friends to split costs, the mystery of uncharted territory, and plenty of good vibes to go around, it should be an easier sell than you anticipate.

Meet drivers at hostels

Don’t have friends who drive, or have any who are interested in hitting the road in search of adventure? No worries – there are plenty of friendly strangers already on the travel trail who would love to have other accompany them on their journey. At hostels throughout Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, you’ll often find notices on message boards from travelers looking for people for both companionship and cost sharing purposes. Meet them and soon, you could be exploring your chosen destination without the restrictions that buses, planes, and trains place on you.

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