How to Merge PDF Files on a Mac Computer

How to Merge PDF Files on a Mac Computer

Sometimes, you need to compile resources from different PDF documents to make a single document. If you are on Mac, you can use the Preview tool to merge them. Preview lets you insert a specific page or the entire PDF document into any point in the old PDF document.

To merge a PDF on Preview, you must open the first PDF on Preview. Next, you must go to View > Thumbnails to have the PDF displayed in thumbnails. If your Mac is installed with Mavericks OSX 10.9 and newer, you can go to View: Thumbnails to switch to the thumbnail view. Now, you can drag a second PDF file into the sidebar window in Preview to merge with the first PDF. The second PDF file can be dragged from a folder on your desktop/hard drive.

If you want to merge a specific page, you must open both PDF files on Preview and then drag that page into the first PDF in the sidebar window. To select individual pages, you can hold down the Command key and click on the pages to select them. If it is a range of page, you can click the first thumbnail and then scroll down to end and hold down Shift while clicking the end page to select all pages at one time. If the files are merged, you will see a second grey border.

If you insert page in the wrong position, you can rearrange it by dragging the page to the correct position in the thumbnail window in Preview. If you accidentally include a page, you can delete it by selecting the thumbnail and go to Edit > Delete. Finally, you must save the merged PDF as a new document by going to File > Export to PDF. When the file save dialog box appear, you can select the save location and enter a new name to save it.

A faster way to merge multiple PDF files on Preview is to open Finder and select all the PDFs you want to merge. When Preview loads, you must select File > Print and click on the arrow beside PDF. Next, you must choose Save to PDF to save all the PDFs in a single document.

Another way to merge PDF files is by using a third party software like Movavi PDF Editor. The software is designed for beginner and involve only minimal steps to combine the PDF files. When you open the software, you will see the Open Files button. You must click this button to select the PDF files you want to merge. If you forgot to select a file, you can click the Select Files button to add the file. You can also open the PDF files by dragging them from the desktop or another folder into the drop zone. Get more details at

The PDF files can be rearranged by dragging with your mouse. When you are satisfied, you can press the Merge button to merge the PDF files. If there are specific pages you want to merge, you must open the PDF documents and then select them with your mouse. After that, you must click the Extract button to save them as a single PDF. If you need to rearrange the pages, you can open the extracted PDF and drag the page in the wrong position to the correct position with your mouse.

You can use the copy and paste functions if there are certain paragraphs/images you want to extract from the PDF. In Pages mode, you must go to the page that contains the text/image you want to copy. Next, you must click Edit Object button on the top right and select a text block/image. When it is selected, it has a blue border line around. Then, you can click on the Copy button to copy it.

The last step is to go to the page where you want to paste it and press the Paste button to paste it. You can rearrange a text block by dragging it with your mouse. You can resize the text box that contains the text by adjusting the corner. You can also create a blank page to paste the text in by pressing the Blank Page button. When you are done, you must go to File and select the Save as option to save it as a new PDF document.

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