6 Must See Churches from Around the World

6 Must See Churches from Around the World

Whether you are avid world traveler or just on occasion needs a little r and r out of town, you probably have encountered a few churches in your time. It is impossible to visit Europe for instance and not see an incredible amount of churches – most boasting interesting architecture, history, and will most likely be the biggest building in town. There is something about visiting old churches when you travel. I am not sure if it is the smell, the airy presence of something greater that they make you feel, or simply the age and history that these buildings have lived. Whether a church is ancient, or relatively new, the feeling in the air is what makes each one special. So without further delay, here is a list of some must see churches the next time you find yourself on the road.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona (Spain)

The Expiatory Temple of the Holy Family began construction in 1882 by Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano but was later passed onto the city’s now most famous architect Antoni Gaudi. Sagrada Familia still is remains a work in progress today and has one of the most unique artistic styles of any church. It boosts 18 towers, each representing Christ, the Virgin Mary, the gospels and the 12 apostles.

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Turkey)

When you visit the Hagia Sophia in Turkey your first impression will be how unlike the churches of Europe it feels like. Its last use was that of a mosque when the Ottomans conquered Istanbul (Constantinople) and converted it in 1453. The Hagia Sophia started out as a Greek Orthodox church in 537 AD and was the largest dome in the world at the time.

Westminster Abbey, London (England)

Perhaps the world’s most famous and best examples of medieval gothic architecture, Westminster Abbey is resting place of some of the worlds most famous historic figures, Sir Issac Newton, for example, and also the place of Royal Coronations for the United Kingdom since 1066.

Las Lajas Sanctuary (Colombia)

Rising 100 yards above the bottom of the Guaitara River Canyon in Colombia, the church is a Gothic revival Basilica, which is built on rocky cliff face and attached by a bridge. It is a site to see. It resembles more of an enchanted Disney castle than sanctuary.

MyGrace in Houston Texas (USA)

While not as old or architecturally famous as the previous entries, MyGrace is a Houston Church that is actually active in use and boasts a 10,000-seat auditorium with services in both English and Spanish. It is one of the largest churches in Houston.

St. Basils Cathedral Moscow (Russia)

Sitting on the famous Red Square in Moscow, St. Basil’s Cathedral was constructed by Ivan the Terrible in 1551. It is often confused with Kremlin, and has the imagery of a bonfire with flames reaching to the sky.

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