Private Drain Program in Chicago Can Help You Save Money. Here’s How

Private Drain Program in Chicago Can Help You Save Money. Here’s How

Did you know that getting a broken sewer repaired can cost you anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 in Chicago? So, if you hear that you won’t need to pay for it at all, how would you feel? Well, with the Private Drain Program in Chicago, the city will pay to repair the sewer line, saving thousands for residents.

There have been several incidences in Chicago, where tree roots have grown to break the sewer connections under the street. As a result, the sewer water backed up into homes and caused extensive damage.

Residents of Chicago commonly call a 24 hour plumber working in Evanston and its neighbouring areas to get the damage assessed and repaired. However, in the back of their mind, they all know that they are about to face a huge financial burden due to this. However, if the damage is caused due to a natural reason outside a resident’s property, the city of Chicago will pay for the repair to the sewer line, explains Mikes Chicago Plumbing, offering expert plumber services at Evanston.

Chicago City is All Set to Plant More Trees

Chicago is home to around 10 million people. And there are almost as many trees in and around the city. However, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, measures will be taken to combat the decline in urban trees, after the loss of 13 million ash trees to an invasive insect attack. Steps will also be taken to increase the region’s tree canopy, the percentage of the ground covered by tree branches and leaves.

This is a good move, since trees help to reduce urban heat, control storm water, and provide a habitat for the local wildlife.

All About the Private Drain Program

However, more trees might increase the risk of roots damaging the sewer line, say experts at an Evanston plumbing service. The good news is that in recognition of this, the city is committed to taking on the responsibility of the consequent repair as well, which is where the Private Drain Program comes in.

The Private Drain Program is designed to alleviate the financial burden on homeowners when a sewer line needs to be repaired. The City of Chicago takes responsibility for repairs to homeowner’s private sewer drains in parkways and streets.

The aim of the Private Drain Program by the city is not only to save homeowners the cost, but to control the extent of digging taking place on the streets.

How is the Program Run?

You should know that anything that needs to be done with the sewer line in the city requires a permit, even rodding the line. To get the sewer line repaired when the break is in the public way, under the private drain program, the plumbing service in Evanston or any other part of Chicago, must call the Department of Water Management Permit Section to obtain a permit to rod and videotape the private drain. He should then call the Inspections Section to schedule an appointment with a house drain inspector to be present for the rodding and taping of the private drain line.

The house inspector, who is present on the spot during repairs, must be provided with a videotape of the private drain line by the plumbing service.

The repair is done within days in emergency situations and within a few weeks, if the sewer is still functioning.

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