Quick snacks you can make in your dorm room

Quick snacks you can make in your dorm room

Sick and tired of terrible dining hall food? Counter your school’s utter failure to provide you with edible eats by making your own tasty creations from the comfort of your 20’ x 10’ dorm room. With a microwave, toaster, kettle, and some creativity, you can eat well – let us show you how!

Granola and Yogurt Delight

Not feeling the stale meal hall pancakes this morning? That’s okay – you have a backup plan waiting back in your dorm room fridge. Grab a jar off your bookshelf, line the bottom with berries/grapes, top it with some yogurt, and lay some granola on top of that. Repeat the layers in that order until you fill it up to the top. Breakfast disaster averted.

Full recipe here.

Avocado Toast

Stop rolling your eyes – it’s a delicious, nutritious, and quick way to get a snack whenever you need one. All you need to do is to scoop out an avocado and spread its innards over freshly toasted bread. That’s it! If you crave variety, the sky is the limit – from shredded cheese to salsa, there are plenty of toppings you can add to make it your own.

Full recipes here.

Gourmet Microwave Mac n’ Cheese

Not to be confused with the basic AF blue box stuff, it is possible to make and enjoy restaurant quality mac n’ cheese in your dorm room. Start by filling a mug with a 1/2 cup of elbow macaroni, then pour in one cup of water. Place in the microwave and set the timer for eight minutes, stopping at the two and five-minute mark to stir your noodles (and add more water if needed). At the end, toss in a mix of cheeses (we recommend parmesan, mozza, and cheddar, but if you like others, go nuts!) into the bottom of the mug and stir it up. Enjoy the cheesy mess!

Full recipe here.

Dorm room Japanese-style Ramen (not the cheap kind)

Sick of this brick-like noodle? Revive your passion for this student staple by cooking it in the way the Japanese do. Head to the supermarket and get some veggies, like whole green onions, spinach, and mushrooms. While you are heating up two cups of water in a microwave safe Pyrex container, chop them up.

Once your water is heated after a few minutes, toss in the noodle brick and flavouring packet as usual, but also toss in the veggies. Heat the mixture for a couple of minutes. Make space in the container, crack an egg, and drop its contents into the center. Allow the egg to poach until the whites stiffen, then pour it into a bowl – bon appetite!

Full recipe here.

Mini Lasagne

Think you can’t make something as complicated as lasagne in the limited confines of your dorm room? You obviously don’t know the limits of microwave cooking, do you? Allow us to explode your mind – start by getting your hands on some fresh lasagne noodles – NOT the hard, dry kind sold in grocery stores.

Slice them in half, then in half again, and lay the pieces in a heat-resistant bowl/container. Cover them with very hot/boiling water from a kettle and set aside.

Chop up some spinach, and heat it up in the microwave for about a minute, then move them to the side.

Grate up some mozzarella while the spinach cools. Once it does, mix it with ricotta cheese, granulated garlic, pepper, and salt, and set aside.

Line the bottom of a coffee mug with two tablespoons of pasta sauce, then top it with a now-softened fresh lasagne sheet. Top that with the spinach/ricotta mixture, and then another pasta sheet. Continue making layers in this order until you reach the top of the mug (end it with a pasta sheet and top that with mozza).

Heat the mug lasagne for approximately 90 seconds, then serve immediately.

Full recipe here.

Cheesecake in a Mug

After such a hearty mug dinner, it only makes sense to have an equally decadent mug dessert. How does cheesecake sound to you? Begin by mixing confectioner’s sugar, 1/2 an egg, 1/8 of a teaspoon of lemon juice, and some cream cheese in a microwave-safe bowl. Once combined, heat the mixture in the microwave for one minute on high power.

Open the door for 20 seconds, then close it again and nuke the mixture for an additional 45 seconds. Take it out, let the mixture cool for ten minutes at room temperature, then move it to your mini-fridge for two hours.

Once this time has elapsed, take it out, top it with crushed bits of your favorite cookie and indulge!

Full recipe here.

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