The 5 Most Annoying Instagram Trends

Most Annoying Instagram Trends

The 5 Most Annoying Instagram Trends

I like Instagram as a platform, I really do. I’m an influencer photographer. But at some point I wonder if it’s going to die a death because so many things are just overdone. My feed is filled with perfectly arranged “flat lays” and beautiful people eating breakfast in bed with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Do people really go around with their outfits perfectly matched to the scenery? Do people really have that much money to spend on vacation? Does your desk really ever look that tidy? And did that food actually taste good or was it stone cold before you got to it?

These are some of the most annoying Instagram trends that I hope will disappear….(but I know they won’t)

1. Teatox photos


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Skinny people drinking tea that supposedly makes you skinny. Enough already. I’m pretty sure you were skinny already.

2. Macarons

I swear if I see another macaron picture I will scream.

3. The “follow me around the world” pics


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Remember the guy who took photos of his girlfriend leading him around the world? His name was Murad Osmann. Back then it was cool and different. Now it’s not. The idea has been copied so much it’s been totally overdone.

4. The “I woke up like this” shot

Show me a picture of you with bed hair and mascara running down your face. Ordinary people don’t wake up with full makeup on and a banquet from room service.

Motivational Quotes

Because people who post motivational quotes are probably the ones with the most problems.

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