The most kickass grilled cheese sandwiches ever invented

The most kickass grilled cheese sandwiches ever invented

When life doesn’t go quite right, or on a rainy/snowy/freaking cold day, nothing fixes things quite like a grilled cheese sandwich. We all have our own variations on this staple, but in recent years, the rise of the food blogosphere has spurred innovation even with this humble dish.

Below, we’ll share several of our favorite twists on everyone’s #1 guilty pleasure.

Classic grilled cheese (with a kick)

As sophisticated as grilled cheese sandwiches have gotten these days, there is nothing better than a classic grilled cheese crafted with premium ingredients.

Think artisan bread (like rye, 12-grain, french baguette, sourdough, etc), farmer’s market sourced Cheddar/Gouda/Monterrey Jack, grass-fed butter – we’re just drooling thinking about it!

There is a recipe out there which takes things a step further, though – by adding freshly cracked pepper and cayenne to the cheese mix, it adds a dynamic to everyone’s favourite comfort food which will have you crawling back for more.

Find the full recipe here.

Sloppy beef grilled cheese

Since we’re on the topic of comfort food sandwiches, let’s go off-topic for a second and celebrate the sloppy joe for a hot second. This delicious meat sauce wraps its arms around our taste buds just as readily as cheese does.

What if we married this saucy mess with a grilled cheese? Oh man.

Wait, we don’t have to imagine this holy union – because it already exists. By following this recipe, you won’t be doing your waistline any favours, but you’ll make that crappy day at work a distant memory within the first three bites.

Low-carb grilled cheese

Mourning the fact you can’t consume your favourite weekend indulgence ever since adopting a low-carb diet? Thanks to the hard work of paleo/keto food wizards, you no longer have to abstain from this tasty meal.

By substituting food-processed cauliflower for bread, you can realize your dream of chowing down on that ooey, gooey, mess whenever life decides to suck.

Find the full recipe here.

Chicken parmesan grilled cheese

If you’re like us, chicken plays a big role in the meals you cook on a week-to-week basis. There are many ways you can prepare this versatile meat, including the drool-inducing chicken parmesan.

However, we never thought we could combine one of our favorite dinners with one of our favorite lunches until we came across this recipe.

By putting the chicken in between the bread, and topping the unbuttered slices of bread with the marinara sauce and parm we all associate with chicken parmesan, you’ll come with a heavenly creation your friends will ask for every time they come over to your house.

Tomato bacon grilled cheese

Sometimes, tried and true classics like grilled cheese sandwiches don’t need to be tinkered with all that much. The simple addition of ingredients like a thick hothouse tomato slice or a couple strips of applewood bacon is all that is needed to take this dish to the next level.

By following this recipe, you’ll find your new stand-in the next time it decides to snow on an April afternoon – seriously though, what in the world is going on with the weather these days?

Honolulu grilled cheese

Ever wonder what they eat in Hawaii when life isn’t quite going right? Some choose to indulge in island classics like Loco Moco or a poke bowl, but yes, they also eat grilled cheese sandwiches in paradise.

While some opt for the traditional grilled cheese we all know and love, many choose to put a tropical spin on this sandwich. By using Hawaiian sweet bread (which has a hint of sugary taste if made correctly) and including a pineapple ring in the mix, you’ll have an interesting contrast with the savoury provolone and sharp cheddar cheese melted within.

Find the full recipe here.

Party platter grilled cheese

Hosting a party in the near future? Be a hero to all your friends by laying out a spectacular finger food for them – a pull apart grilled cheese loaf.

By cutting up a long baguette with partial cuts a few inches apart and inserting cheese slices in the cracks, and then brushing the surface of the loaf with a melted butter sauce, you’ll have a dish that will disappear in record time – and a line of friends wanting access to your secret recipe.

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