The Top 7 Locations for a Destination Wedding

The Top 7 Locations for a Destination Wedding


Mexico is so much larger with so much more to offer than people realize. From quaint, old Colonial towns like San Miguel de Allende to little beach pueblos filled with expat coffee and boutique haunts like Sayulita, the options for destination weddings are also endless in Mexico. While you have plenty of options when it comes to a Mexican style wedding, you also have some unique cultural experiences to throw into the mix. I have been to weddings there that had Marachi bands, donkeys donning flower garlands, and ends rounds of tequila shots making the rounds after the “I do’s”. Your guests at your wedding can also enjoy everything from golfing along the coast, to scuba diving with ScubaTony in turquoise waters, to racing quad runners on the beach.


You’ve seen the countless number of movies (Jumanji, Jurassic Park) and the gorgeous post cards, but until you have seen it up close, it is hard to full appreciate Hawaii’s epic beauty. While most postcards highlight Hawaii’s famous Diamond head mountain/crater, there are several different islands where you can have your dream day, not to mention, Oahu’s north shore and Turtle Bay Resort (Forgetting Sarah Marshall was film there). With black, white, and red sand beaches to snow capped mountains there are a lot of choices when it comes to Hawaii.

Costa Rica

If Ecotourism is your thing, you would be hard pressed to find a better destination wedding location than Costa Rica. Costa Rica hosts the most biodiversity on the planet and has everything from lush jungles, to volcanoes to coast to coast beaches that are only a few hours apart. With Costa Rica as your dream wedding location, you could be saying “I do” on a beach and be dancing the night away in the jungle tree tops. The best time for a wedding in Costa Rica is during the dry season, which is from December to April – however, it does rain year round Caribbean side.

Sonoma Valley

The lesser-known and talked about neighbor of Napa, Sonoma is “the It” place to sip wines these days in California. With hundreds of wineries to choose from and pretty much excellent weather year round, Sonoma is an excellent options for those waiting a non-beach wedding and something where the wine flows.


While Italy is more often chalked up as a honeymoon spot, it is also one of the most charming locations for destination. It is even the perfect spot to done your grandmother’s wedding dress as long as you used affordable preservation techniques with it. From the Northwest jewel of Cinque Terre to the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy as a destination wedding spot is ripe with history and elegance. The difficult thing about choosing Italy as your destination dream wedding locale, would be in choosing just which type of wedding would you like to have.


Like Italy, France is often thought of as the place to go after your nuptials, however, with direct flights from the USA for as little as $250, getting “oui” from your potential guests maybe easier than you imagine. When it comes to food and wine, the French own the titles – period. From delicate and intricate desserts to the finest aged cheeses to world-class wine, you really can’t go wrong in France. Likewise, you have some major wine regions (Bordeaux and Burgundy come to mind) in addition to the French Riviera, which has many venues to choose from. France, like Italy, also has the old, fairytale castle quaint thing going for it as well with its countess villages, each older than pretty much anything from modern civilization in North America.

Las Vegas

Viva las Vegas baby! If long, white sandy beaches aren’t your thing or meandering through the vineyards bores you to to death, then maybe Vegas maybe right for you. From shotgun weddings held in little themed chapels right outside the strip to top shelf restauranting options, Vegas remains a homestay for those waiting to cut straight to the point when it comes to the big day. Likewise, if you want to keep your wedding more on the fun, lighter side, you can even have custom embroidery on shirts done for your best men and brides maids, even last minute, so that you call can look the part for your big day.


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