Dubai is known as the home of luxury infrastructure and here is the evidence to prove the claim. They are places you have to visit whenever you have the privilege to visit Dubai. Without much ado, let’s check out the list.

Mall of the Emirates

The mall of the Emirates is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, and it appears to be the most famous in Dubai with the availability of the Ski facility right inside the mall. The structure and the design of the mall show its elegance and luxury. It has lots of other things apart from the platform it offers to buy things.

There is the mall a cinema center where you can go to entertain yourself and families. Also, you will see a restaurant in the mall with different eating options to meet everyone’s need. Even if you have nothing to purchase from the mall, it is a place to visit during your stay in the city. Also, you can read the post on the best options in Dubai hills estate.

Alserkal Art District

If you are the type that cherishes artwork so much and you find yourself in Dubai, the Alserkal Art District is a perfect place to be. It is known as the best and essential arts hub in Dubai as it hosts some of the established galleries. There you will see some of the artistic work of some of the best artist in Dubai and other countries.

You will surely love to visit the place if you cherish artwork over any other thing. The building itself is appealing and attractive to call your attention to what is inside of it. Your visit to Dubai is incomplete without getting to the art district is you love the artwork.

Aquaventure Waterpark

The Aquaventure waterpark is located on the Palm Jumeirah which happen to be the first artificial island in the city. The waterpark is sure one of the best places to relax one’s nerve after the hectic work of the day. The waterpark host different coaster rides in which some are designed for adults and some for children with slides.

It is an ideal place to have fun with your children and enjoy the pleasure of being with them in a serene environment. There also you will find the longest water slide in the whole of the city known as Aquaconda which is world class to date.

Dubai Museum

One of the best tourist centers in Dubai is the museum. It is built in the year 1787 along the Al-Fahidi Fort with the aim to defend the Dubai creek. The entire structure of the museum is impressive in such that the upper floor of it is made of wooden poles, the walls are built with the use of coral blocks that were held together with the use of line while the ceiling is made with the use of palm fronds, plaster, and mud.

The museum hosts many things about the history of the city and other various traditional things that should be known by people. It is a place to visit to learn and understand more about the city and the history.

Dubai Creek

The Creek is a place to be for those who cherish aquatic lifestyle. It separates the city into two such as the Bur Dubai in the south while the Diera is located to the north side. It is a place where people often visit for fishing. The creek can’t be accessed without the use of Dhow, and it can be used to move from one place to another. You may even find it is one of the best options in Dubai Hill Estate area.

On the off chance that people choose not to use the Dhow, those living around can decide to use boats to navigate their movement. The fantastic part of the creek is that many of the Dhows can move from Dubai to other countries even to some part of Africa.

Dubai Aquarium

There are many places you would love to visit, and the Dubai Aquarium is one of those places. It is a center of attention for tourist and the aquarium hosts about 140 sea life species in the large reef tank that is placed on the ground floor in Dubai mall. There as well is the underwater zoo which you can walk into and it is safe to view all the animals and other things that get your attention there.

In conclusion, there are some other exclusive places to visit in Dubai which are not listed in this article. But from the list above, you can enjoy the best of luxury lifestyle by visiting any during your trip to the city. Indeed, Dubai is the center and bedrock of luxury living.


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