Top Private Islands the Most Fabulous Celebrities in the World Visit

Top Private Islands the Most Fabulous Celebrities in the World Visit

Super secret private island getaways owned by your favourite celebrities

Ever wonder how wealthy and famous people spend their downtime? They can’t just go to normal people places – being swarmed for pictures and autographs is not exactly a soothing experience. Instead, many have opted to buy their own private island, where they can be their true selves without having to deal with pesky photographers or obsessive fans.

Let’s run down several isles where some of the best-known people on Earth have their own secret abode (or lair where they work on their plans for world domination).


1) Necker Island

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Nestled amidst the British Virgin Islands, Necker Island was little more than a dried up husk covered in cacti and scrubby bushes when a young, brash record label CEO by the name of Richard Branson came to see in the 1970s. Eager to impress his then-girlfriend, he put in a lowball offer and then promptly forgot about it. To his surprise, no other offers were tendered, allowing him to buy it for a song.


Scuttling an initial plan to build a recording studio, Necker eventually evolved into a place where the world’s most influential people could meet and discuss major issues in a relaxing tropical setting. Want to get in a splash fight with Barack Obama? You can do that here.


Rubbing elbows with the world elite doesn’t come cheap, though – the cheapest villa on the island goes for $30,000 per night for a minimum one week stay (ouch).


2) Little Hall’s Pond Cay

Being one of the world’s most recognizable movie stars can be a stressful gig at times. When the flash of paparazzi cameras gets too much to bear, Johnny Depp packs his bags and makes a beeline straight for Little Hall’s Pond Cay, one of a seemingly endless chain of tropical isles in the Bahamas.

Here, Johnny can enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle without having to be Captain Jack, although it was during the shooting of the first film in the series when he came across this gem. Terming it his personal decompression chamber, Little Hall serves as a shield from the public eye, giving him the time and space to recover from his work and enjoy normal human activities with friends and family.

So, I guess that means rolling up to his pad in a speedboat looking for an autograph wouldn’t go over well, huh?

3) Blackadore Caye

Springing to public consciousness on the back of the cult hit movie, The Beach, Leonardo Dicaprio has long had a love affair with tropical regions around the world. While he owns a home in Koh Lanta, Thailand, it was a SCUBA diving trip to Belize which led him to purchase his first island. It was love at first sight when Leo first dug his toes into the sand of Blackadore Caye, one of a series of barrier islands strung out along the world’s largest barrier reef.

Buying it for just under two million with an investor, he will realize his dream of owning his own eco-resort at some point this year. The majority of the work done on this island hasn’t been about the hotel, though – with ongoing efforts to restore mangroves and coral reefs damaged by human influence, the focus here is on conservation. The hotel guests will merely be witnesses to the deeds being done here.

Sounds good to us, but we’d like to witness Leo gracing us with his fine body during our stay as well – that isn’t too much to ask, right?

4) Lanai

Don’t understand how awash in money the tech sector is? In 2012, tech billionaire Larry Ellison (founder of Oracle) didn’t just buy a cay in the Caribbean – he bought Lanai. If you aren’t aware, that’s one of the HAWAIIAN ISLANDS.

To be fair, little Lanai isn’t a Maui, an Oahu, or even a Kauai, but with 140 square miles of space, it is nothing to sneeze at. There’s even a town which is home to 3,200 people (who were allowed to stay and continue owning their own homes), so you know this purchase stands apart from the others on this list. So, what has Larry done with his new kingdom? Oh, a few things, like building a fully automated greenhouse operation which makes use of renewable energy to produce the greenest, cheapest, freshest produce the world has ever seen. And renovating a resort into a wellness retreat, just in case his techie friends need a place to unwind. Namaste.

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